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Product Development Company As a trusted product development company, Tarlow Design is more than just another name in the patent industry. We are able to take your raw idea and create a real working prototype- but the development of your product starts with a thorough evaluation of market size, competition, safety, price to value ratio, and product feasibility. Call us to get started right now.

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Circuit Breakers

Shamrock Controls, Div. of Burns Controls Co.
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You'll find great prices on mini circuit breakers from TC Electric, CBI, and JTec when you shop online at Shamrock Controls. We also carry mounting brackets for your circuit breakers. We are a one-stop source for all of your electrical needs, including switches, control stations, transformers, power supplies, contactors, and so much more. Shamrock Controls, Div. Of Burns Controls Co.
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You’re an electrical installer, contractor, mine, factory owner, farmer or national utility company looking to complete an electrical project within budget and on time. And if you’re located in the north of Mozambique or isolated parts of the country, counting on timeous deliveries is never something you can count on.

We have the selection. We have the advice. We have the quick delivery. What you’ll immediately realize when you shop with is that we refuse to do it like the other guys---the traditional brick-and-mortar electrical distributors. Our base of 7,500 and growing committed customers simply keep coming back because we take the hassle completely out of purchasing wire management and electrical products.