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  • Welcome to one of the world's very best product development resources for anyone involved with new product development from concept to store shelf.

    Over the past 30 years we have helped people just like you develop over 400 exciting, innovative new products worth over one BILLION dollars in retail sales.

    We are a one stop shop for all your product development needs from initial product evaluation to final maufactured prduct in the box. We also help prepare patents and can work with you to plan a successful marketing or licensing campaign.

    Check out what we can do for you by clicking the arrows > or the links above.

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  • Product Evaluation

    We've seen countless ideas for new products and can tell pretty quickly whether the idea could be a winner or if it has a 'fatal flaw'.

    Take a look at the Product Success Puzzle on the following page and see if you have all the pieces to build success. >

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  • Product Evaluation Cont'd.

    Does your idea meet the criteria puzzle?

    Let us give you a professional opinion regarding
    your great new idea.

    We can also do a patent search to make sure
    it has not already been invented. >

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  • Patent Search

    It is important to know what has been patented in the product category that relates to your product idea. Tarlow Design can perform a patent search for you and prepare a report showing prior art and our assessment of patentability for your product. We can even suggest additional features that might help make your product more unique and therefore more patentable.

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  • Concept Design

    If you have an idea of how your product might work, but are not sure what mechanisms or components will actually do the job, Tarlow Design can help figure out those details in the concept stage.

    We can also prepare concept renderings to show how your product might look in it's finished state.
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  • Prototype Construction

    Tarlow Design's up-to-date prototype shop has all the equipment needed to produce good-looking, working prototypes. These include 'proof of principle' models, 'appearance' models and 'looks-like, works-like' models.

    We can also get parts made through 3D printing processes that generate parts from CAD drawings.

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  • CAD Engineering Drawings

    We have the most recent version of SolidWorks CAD software. With it we can produce product photo-realistic renderings, as well as detail engineering drawings so that manufacturers can make the tooling necessary to mold your product.

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